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for dancer, zarb and recorder consort 2018-2019

after poems by Pierre de Ronsard

for Ensemble Tourterelles 'Love in five pictures' 

Mostly G (for Dan) 2018

for cello and percussion 

Five Miniatures (for Mike) 2019

for trombone and vibraphone 

Autumn Report (for Giovanna) 2020

after poems by Irit Katz

for voice and viol (solo)

Fremder Vogel (2020)

recorder solo

Hora (for Mark) 2021

dance-study for double bass solo

Hibernation (for Einat) 2021

after poems by Irit Katz

for solo soprano, utilizing percussion and pre-recorded electronics

Three Kings (for Sharon) 2021

for Organ

Hole-in-one (for Hagai Yodan) 2022

1 minute piano solo in three movements

I Killed Mother 2022

soundtrack for a movie by Lior Perelsztejn

The Un-Fair 2022

short animation by Noga Koren and Lauren Konawalik

HALBEIN (for Amit Rozentsweig) 2022

I for trombone quartet | II for 2 trombones, horn and tuba

Brandenburg Sonata 2022

for cello and guitar

Postcards from Luxembourg 2022

dance performance by Luiza Barz Batista and Paul Hess

Four Interludes for quartet 2022

for recorder, soprano sax, alto sax and theorbo

Quartet 2023

for glockenspiel, voice, recorder and melodica


Inbalim 2023

I for wind orchestra | II for chamber orchestra


Valley of Peace 2023

sound work for video art by Faina Georgiesh Feigin and Noga Or Yam

Notes for Future 2024

Dance piece by Niv Arbel

work in progress:

Trombone Solo 2024

Mike Svoboda, Kassel

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